Build your network and make money while you sleep

  • Watch a Video and Get Paid
  • Get paid for signing up consumers and affiliates
  • Get paid for signing up advertisers
  • Get paid for consumers viewing great deals and videos
  • Earn a residual income stream
  • Achieve the Manager Ranks and Earn an Override Bonus
  • Win exciting trips

AdBarkIt provides everything you need to get started!

After signing up to be an affiliate with AdBarkIt you will gain access to your back office and personal website. The back office will let you track the growth of your business, manage your organization, view incentives as well as provide marketing and training videos, fliers and tools you’ll need to build a successful advertising business.

AdBarkIt Compensation Plan Pays in 8 Different Ways!


Watch a video and get paid.


Have 5 consumers upgrade to VIP within 5 days and earn money.


Have a personally sponsored affiliate get 5 consumers to upgrade to VIP within 5 days and earn money.


Earn a percentage of revenue sharing generated when your network watches video ads.


Earn an infinity bonus when you become a local, regional, senior or national account manager.


Achieve the manager ranks and earn an override bonus.


Become a National Account Manager and receive a portion of Local Gross Revenue generated from Affiliate Advertising Sales


Sign up an advertiser and receive monthly residual income based on gross revenue generated by that advertiser.